A cassette bearing is a type of bearing found in some bicycles that allows the rear wheel to spin smoothly. Cassette bearings are typically found in the hub of the rear wheel and are made up of a series of small ball bearings enclosed in a metal or plastic casing. These bearings help to reduce friction and allow the rear wheel to spin freely, which is important for the drivetrain’s efficiency. Cassette bearings, in general, are an important component of a bicycle’s rear wheel, and they are designed to withstand the stresses of regular use while providing smooth, reliable performance.

Cassette bearings allow the rear wheel to rotate smoothly around the wheel hub. The bearings, which are usually sealed inside a metal or plastic casing, are made up of a series of small ball bearings. The ball bearings roll smoothly around their respective tracks as the wheel rotates, reducing friction and allowing the wheel to spin freely. This is important for keeping the bicycle’s drivetrain efficient because it helps to ensure that power is transferred smoothly from the pedals to the rear wheel. In general, cassette bearings are built to be durable and long-lasting, with little maintenance required to keep them running smoothly.

Cassette bearings Rear Bicycle Hub

Common Types

  1. Single-row cassette bearings
  2. Double-row cassette bearings
  3. Tapered cassette bearings
  4. Angular contact cassette bearings
  5. Radial cassette bearings
  6. Thrust cassette bearings
  7. Self-aligning cassette bearings
  8. Non-separable cassette bearings
  9. Separable cassette bearings
  10. Ball cassette bearings
  11. Roller cassette bearings

Cassette body bearings Note that while there are bearings inside the cassette body (referred to as the “freehub”) and freewheel body, they don’t usually require service as frequently as hubs do. And with luck, you might never experience issues. But this depends a lot on the conditions you ride in.

  1. cassette bearings train​
  2. go kart axle bearing cassette​
  3. go-kart bearing cassettes​
  4. go kart axle bearing hanger​
  5. go kart rear axle bearings​

These are replacement bearings for all Madera hub cassette drivers. They are sealed and self-lubricating. There are two different bearings used in the cassette hub drivers: A. 6802 (15MM ID x 24MM OD x 5MM W) B. 6902 (15MM ID x 28MM OD x 7MM W) – 63802 (15MM ID x 24MM OD x 7MM W) – MR17287 (17MM ID x 28MM OD x 7MM W)

Equipped with Polyamide Cages as a safety standard along with seamless forged rings, these super heavy-duty bearings were created specifically to meet the higher demands of locomotive service. Metric: 130×230, 150×250, 130×250 Using the plastic seal, most of our international bearings operate with zero seal torque.

Composite Bushings

Metallic Bushings

Plastic Bushings

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