The DU bush, also known as the SF-1 bush or the PAP P10 bush, is one of the most common types of slide bearings. It is highly self-lubricating, making it useful in a wide range of industries.

Self-lubricating du bushings

Metal and polymer bearings Metal-Polymer bearings, which have a metal backing for high mechanical strength and a sintered bronze layer, are impregnated with an anti-friction overlay enriched with PTFE or a high performing thermoplastic combined with fillers to achieve an optimal running surface. Superior anti-friction and wear resistance

Material: stainless steel+bronze powder+PTFE+polymer

DU self-lubricating bushings offer very good wear and low friction performance in dry operating circumstances over a wide range of loads, speeds, and temperatures. appropriate material for bushings in lubricated applications. For linear, oscillating, and rotational motion, an anti-friction bearing is used.

In dry slide bearings, PTFE/lead bearing material is impregnated and layered on top of a porous bronze sinter layer that is attached to a steel backing. PTFE is used in dry slide bearings because of its outstanding dry bearing properties, as well as its strength, stability, exceptional wear resistance, as well as its excellent heat conductivity, and minimal thermal expansion.

Slide bearings can satisfy the strict requirements for extended life and trouble-free performance in a variety of equipment, including hydraulics, valves, automotive, agricultural, material handling, and more. This is true whether or not they are lubricated. Dry slide bearings can be used for:

  1. rotating
  2. oscillating
  3. reciprocating
  4. sliding movement

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