The carbon fiber bushings are used to absorb toxins in the digestive system, resulting in a healthier digestive system. Carbon fiber bushing atoms are extremely strong, giving them exceptional durability and making them ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Sleeve bearings with Fiber-Lube Bushings True self-lubrication are possible with Fiber-Lube composite bushings. Ideal for high-load, long-term applications. Other advantages include low friction values and corrosion resistance. Thick walls are available for drop-in replacements of steel and bronze bushings.

These nonmetal washers, also known as shoulder or insulator washers, block electrical currents and prevent galvanic corrosion when different metals are mated. Organic solvents and petroleum-based oil are not a problem for hard fiber washers. Click on a part number to view technical drawings and 3-D models.

High-load fiber bushings

Cloth fiber TEX bushing 1 in stock TEX Stainless Steel Textile Bushing, TEX Textile Woven Bushing stainless steel /316+PTFE/ fabric The material is based on a variety of high-quality metals, the surface is covered with PTFE and other additives mainly low friction textile material.

These fiberglass bearings are lightweight, nonmagnetic, and won’t conduct electricity. Bearings are for use with round end-supported shafts. All have a fixed-alignment design for applications where shaft misalignment is unlikely. To install, slide bearings into a housing (not included) and secure with two retaining rings (sold individually).

Fiber glide Journal bushings have a coiled steel backing. It is intended to meet self-lubricating bushing industry standards. The backing material is carbon steel, with the external surfaces plated to prevent corrosion. Fiber glide bearings can be found in a wide variety of applications.

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SBE 10M composite is a fine weave cotton fabric impregnated with a high-temperature phenolic resin formulation with an added molybdenum disulfide filler giving the bearing self-lubrication characteristics. ‍ SBE 100 composite is a coarse weave fabric impregnated with a high-temperature phenolic resin formulation.

Bushings are available impregnated with lubricant, with lubricant “plug” inserts, or with inherently low coefficients of friction. Bushing materials include cast or machined metals, stabilized polymers (“plastics”), fiber-wound composites, and combinations of different types of materials.

Composite Bushing Material Made of Fiber and Epoxy Resin Continuous wound PTFE and high-strength fibers encapsulated in a high-temperature epoxy resin sliding layer that is internally lubricated + continuous wound fiberglass encapsulated in a high-temperature epoxy resin Market applications Technical specifications for agriculture, construction, and industry.

We are a Manufacturer of self-lubricating fiber bearings and bushings. Types include multi-layer PTFE, phenolic, multi-layer polytetrafluoroethylene plastic, and carbon fiber bearings. Available in a variety of sizes. Bearings are wear, chemical, corrosion, and creep resistant.

Composite Bushings

Metallic Bushings

Plastic Bushings

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