Gearbox bearings, like epicyclic gears, are a type of rolling-element bearing. A gearbox is a type of rotating equipment, and gearbox bearings (for example, 621 GXX, 614 06-11YSX) are crucial when the equipment rotates. As a result, when the gearbox is in use, the bearing installation and inspection are critical.

Industrial Gearbox bearings

Gearboxes frequently have spherical roller bearings installed on slower speed reduction shafts, which is interesting from the standpoint of bearing application. Gearboxes are designed to be precise. Gear mesh, backlash, and alignment are all important factors in gear life and reliability. This accuracy must be maintained without deflection in the shaft design.

Types of industrial gearboxes

Helical gearbox

The helical gearbox consumes little power and is small in size. This equipment is used in a variety of industrial applications, but most notably in heavy-duty operations. The helical gearbox is widely used in the manufacture of plastics, cement, rubber, and other heavy industrial settings. It is useful in crushers, extruders, coolers, and conveyors, which are all low-power applications.
The helical gearbox is distinct in that it is fixed at an angle, allowing more teeth to interact in the same direction when in motion. This provides continuous contact for a set period of time. Helical gearboxes are used when torsion stiffness must be maximized and low-noise applications are required. Extrusion gearboxes are used in the plastics industry and in machines that require a lot of mechanical power.

Helical bevel gearbox
The key feature of this type of gearbox is a curved set of teeth located on the cone-shaped surface near the unit’s rim. The bevel helical gearbox is used to provide rotary motion between shafts that are not parallel. These are commonly found in quarries, the mining industry, and conveyors.

Inline coaxial helical
Heavy-duty applications benefit from the coaxial helical gearbox. The quality and efficiency of coaxial helical inlines are well known. These are manufactured to a high standard, allowing you to maximize load and transmission ratios.

Worm reduction gearboxes
Worm reduction gearboxes are used to power heavy-duty operations. Worm gearboxes are used when there is a need for increased speed reduction between non-intersecting crossed-axis shafts. This industrial gearbox employs a large-diameter worm wheel. The worm, or screw, meshes with the teeth on the gearbox’s rim. The worm’s rotating motion causes the wheel to move similarly due to the screw-like movement. The majority of these industrial gearboxes are used in heavy industries such as fertilizers, chemicals, and minerals.

Planetary gearbox
The planetary gearbox is ideal for precision applications due to its durability, accuracy, and distinct functionality. This type of gearbox extends the life of your equipment while also improving performance. Planetary gearboxes are available in both solid and hollow configurations, as well as a variety of mounting options such as a flange, shaft, or foot.

Bevel helical gearbox
The critical feature of this type of gearbox is a curved set of teeth located on the cone-shaped surface close to the unit’s rim. The bevel helical gearbox is used to provide rotary motion between non-parallel shafts. These are commonly found in quarries, the mining industry, and on conveyors.

Skew bevel helical gearbox
The skew bevel helical gearbox is notable for its rigid and monolithic structure, which allows it to be used in heavy loads and other applications. Once mounted on the correct motor shaft output, these industrial gearboxes provide mechanical advantages. These are highly customizable in terms of the number of teeth and gears. As a result, you should be able to find one that meets your requirements.

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Bearings for high and low speeds. Shaft speed is typically used to drive gearbox bearing design. Low-speed shafts are typically fitted with fixed profile journal bearings, which have simple cylindrical bores. High-speed shafts have traditionally used multi-lobe fixed profile bearings, but tilting pad journal bearings are becoming more popular.

Composite Bushings

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