Metal bushings are classified into four types: sleeve bearings, flange bearings, thrust bearings, and metal bushing suspensions. A metal bushing sleeve allows two moving parts to move together. It can withstand high temperatures and heavy loads. A self-aligning bushing is a flange bearing. This application is intended for lighter-duty tasks.

Steel backed bronze bushing

Bushing made of metal Bearing alloy, also known as white alloy, is primarily a metal alloy composed of lead, tin, antimony, or other elements. It has good wear resistance, high plasticity, good running performance, good thermal conductivity, good adhesive resistance, and good oil adhesion.

Under extreme high/low temperature and low-speed conditions, the solid metal bushing performs admirably without pre-lubrication. TH 450 TH450 is made of steel and has a bronze alloy liner. Oil grooves can be machined to your specifications, significantly improving bushing performance.

Metal bushing sleeve

Metal bushing sleeve bearing is an important component of modern mechanical equipment that can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. From contentious new energy vehicles to the world’s most advanced domestic high-speed rail; From office chairs in offices to hospital beds; refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, range hoods, and cellphones.

Metal Bushing & Sleeve Bushing Bearing Supplier Metal Bushing works by sliding between two moving surfaces. Bushings are chosen based on velocity and applied load. Maintenance-free bushings do not require any additional lubrication to function.

Bimetal bushings

The bimetal bushing can be used in dusty environments. is usable at temperatures ranging from -190 to +280 degrees Celsius. The bimetal bushing can be used in corrosive environments. Bimetal bushings are non-absorbent and provide maximum dimensional accuracy. The bimetal bushing can be used in seawater.

Bimetallic Bushes (Bimetal Bushes Size Ranging 12.5mm To 140mm) Bimetal bushes are made up of two metal strips of different materials that, when combined with the steel strip, act as an internal covering. Bimetal bushes are widely used in applications involving intermediate impacts, vibratory loads, and friction. Steel (Grade: SAE1010)

Hardened steel

Hardened steel bushings, also known as carburized bushings, are made of super-hardened, high-carbon steel. The steel is hardened to increase the life of the bushing and the parts that surround it. Hardening the steel to between 56 and 62 HRC makes it extremely durable and capable of working in extremely high-load applications.

Hardened Steel Bushing Specifications: Ideally suited for high-impact applications Need grease lubrication Constructed with central, spiral, or custom grease grooves High resistance to wear and deformation Agricultural machinery steel bearings and Engineering Bushing Materials of High Quality.

Hardened steel bushings and bearings are ideal for oil and grease-lubricated applications. The sliding type can be plain or grooved. Find Out More Bushing made of steel (Lubricated Metal) Plain Metal/Polymer Composite Bearings We produce almost every possible dimension as a manufacturer. Prices that are reasonable. Short Delivery Times.

Steel bushing material

Steel bushing (lubricated metal) We also make steel bushings out of steel or stainless steel with lubricated metal bearing material. Metal-on-metal lubricants and surface treatments for improving surface tribological properties are also available. SUS304 with PTFE coating) Steel Lubricated Bushing Product Line

The DU Steel Backed Bushing provides superior shock and impact load resistance. The Steel Backed PTFE Lined bushing maintains a low coefficient of friction and is usable without lubrication at high load, low-speed operations with excellent wear resistance. It has a wide applicable temperature range from -319 degrees F to 518 degrees F.

The following metric steel bushing sizes are available: 1008, 1108, 1210, 1215, 1310, 1610, 1615, 2012, 2517, 2525, 3020, and 3030. Steel bushings, like most power transmission products, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In order to determine which product you require, contact the experts at sleeve bearing.

Composite Bushings

Metallic Bushings

Plastic Bushings

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