Plain plastic bearings are made from innovative high-performance plastics and are suitable for a wide range of applications. All of our plastics are rigorously tested for coefficients of wear and friction in our test laboratory. The database for the online service life calculator is provided by 10,000 tests per year.

Plastic Machining and Quality Control Parts finished with a tolerance of 0.001 mm. Parts for finishing are tested and certified in-house. ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system Plain Bearing Types We manufacture a wide range of plastic plain bearings. The following is a list of the most common bearings that we produce.

Sleeve Bearing, the global leader in motion plastics, is now accepting submissions for the 2023 manus award, which the plastics specialist has been launching every two years for the past 20 years. The award recognizes the most innovative, cost-effective, and long-term applications of lead screws, linear actuators, plain and linear bearings, and slides in industrial applications.

Plastic bushings are resistant to corrosion and chemicals, as well as being self-lubricating—no grease required! If you think plastic can’t withstand heat, you might be surprised to learn that these bushings can withstand temperatures as high as 900°F for short periods of time. They can operate in temperatures as high as 482°F for extended periods of time.

Plastic flange bushings

Plastic Ball Bearings These bearings, made of slippery plastic, do not require lubrication and have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. High-Load Plastic Ball Bearings These lightweight bearings have two rows of balls and a wider profile than single-row plastic bearings.

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Plastic bushings are chemical resistant, resist high temperatures up to +482°F, and are lubrication- and maintenance-free. They are available at a low cost, have a long service life, manage high loads, can be used in wet environments, are FDA-approved, and have many other useful features. Little to no maintenance is required.

Plain plastic bushings material

The most common plastics used to make plastic bushings are Polyoxymethylene, Nylon, PPS, and PTFE. Plastic bushings offer a long list of advantages over their traditional metal counterparts. They are usually much cheaper than metal bushings – as much as 25% sometimes – yet they operate much more efficiently.

Approximately 10 000 PSI is near the limit of its capabilities. Press Roll Bushings, Mitre Box Bushings, Sheave Bearings, High Load Kiln Bearings (30 000+), Boom Pivot Bearings, and Barker Bearings are common applications. Our PTFE is commonly used in applications involving high temperatures (300°F or higher), harsh chemicals, moisture, and corrosion.

These plastic bearings, reinforced with polyester fabric, have load and speed capabilities comparable to metal bearings. Water-Resistant Dry-Running Sleeve Bearings These bearings are suitable for underwater applications because they do not swell or warp when wet. Dry-Running Sleeve Bearings for Panel Mounting

100% self-lubricating and requires no maintenance Extremely corrosion-resistant (washable) Non-magnetic (when using glass or polymer balls) (when using glass or polymer balls) Temperature range: -148 F to +302 F FDA-compliant Lightweight (60 percent lighter than metal) There is no minimum order quantity, and orders are shipped within 24-48 hours. Labeling machines, bike wash systems, pool cleaners, and pellet stoves are examples of applications.

(1) Polyamide nylon bearings cages may be affected by special lubrication (corrosive additives in lubricants)
(2) It cannot be used in a vacuum because it will become brittle due to dehydration; Operating temperature: Operating temperature less than 120°C Greater than -40°C Low temperatures can cause the nylon bearing retainer to lose its elasticity.

Composite Bushings

Metallic Bushings

Plastic Bushings

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