PTFE bearings are ideal for applications with high loads and moderate speeds. These plain bearings are distinguished by the fact that they require no maintenance. ISO 3547 is used to manufacture PTFE bearings. Download the plain bearing brochure Download the brochure to learn everything there is to know about our plain bearings.

PTFE sleeve Bearings

PTFE bearings come in various designs so that they can be used in a wide range of applications. PTFE bearings are mostly in applications where bearing lubrication can not be done daily, and self-lubrication is needed. PTFE can be used in both light and heavy load areas, but PTFE bearings are very suitable for heavy loads and moderate speeds.

PTFE is most commonly used in two types of structural bearings: PTFE Sliding bearings: One of the simplest types of bearings is made up of two plates, one sliding over the other. These bearings permit translation in longitudinal and transverse directions, unless specifically restrained

PTFE slide bearings are widely used in the construction and offshore sectors to solve the problem of movement caused by a range of factors. For more information, see our slide bearings selection and installation guide. AF115 is a reinforced PTFE material designed specifically for sliding bearing applications.

Oil-Embedded Thrust Bearings Handle heavy loads that frequently start and stop along shafts— these bearings contain extra iron and slippery PTFE lubricant. They’re thrust bearings, which means they support loads parallel to the shaft. Dry-Running Ultra-Low-Friction Thrust Bearings

The least expensive type of slide bearing is PTFE. At the sliding face, they can withstand a maximum temperature of 130 °C. • SLB05–SLB08 (page 5) are made of 5mm thick PTFE bonded to a recessed backing plate. Increased bearing pressure and sliding face temperatures of up to 200°C are made possible by the recessed design. In addition, the thicker PTFE

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The use of PTFE in such bearings has been steadily increasing, although its application does not extend to all variants of the bridge and structural bearings.

PTFE has an exceptionally low coefficient of friction and high self-lubricating characteristics, resistance to attack by almost any chemical, and an ability to operate under a wide temperature range.

Furthermore, PTFE filled with glass fiber, graphite, or other inert materials can be used at PV values of up to 10,000 while PTFE that has not been modified can only be used up to a PV value of 1,000. In general, PTFE bearings can be used at low speeds where their coefficient of friction may be as low as 0.05 to 0.1 with higher PV values.

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