Sintered bearings or sintered bronze bushing are self-lubricating and require no maintenance. Sintered bronze bearings are typically filled with oil and made of porous bronze or iron. These sintered bronze bearings are ideal for rotating applications due to their high allowable sliding

Sintered bronze sleeve bearings

Overview of Sintered Bearings Self-lubricating sintered bearings provide excellent load performance and wear properties. The porosity of bearings produced by the traditional powdered metal process allows for oil impregnation, removing the need for a supplemental lubrication system.

Sintered self-lubricating bearings A self-lubricating sintered bearing is a metallic component with a high porosity (20-25% by volume) that has been impregnated with lubricant oil. Because the oil in the porosity provides constant lubrication between the bearing and the shaft, the system does not require any additional external lubricant.

Because of their strong steel housing, these bearings can handle higher speeds than standard oil-embedded mounted sleeve bearings. Self-Lubricating 840 and 841 Bearing Bronze 841 Oil-Filled Bronze Rods Powdered bronze is pressed and then impregnated with SAE 30 oil to make it self-lubricating. 841 Bearing Bronze Tubes with Oil Filling

sintered bronze bearings material

The majority of sleeve bearing’s sintered bronze bearings are made from SINT A51 or comparable material and are 18% – 20% impregnated with mineral oil. We can also provide MoS2 sintered iron or bronze bearings. When having bearings machined, always ask for instructions. This is necessary due to clogged pores and manufactures sintered bearings in bronze and a proprietary high-graphite iron. We supply flange, spherical and sleeve bearings—with High PV material options that last up to 2.5 times longer than the industry standard for high-speed, high-load applications.

With materials of Bronze, Steel, or other alloys, the typical application of the sintered bushings is for sleeve bearings. Manufacturing processes available Based on the different abilities of our factories, we could supply manufacturing processes including Different kinds of sheet metal forming processes Different kinds of metal casting processes

With a flexible layer of neoprene sandwiched between an oil-embedded bronze bearing and rigid steel shell, these bearings reduce wear and machinery noise. High-Speed Oil-Embedded Mounted Sleeve Bearings A strong steel housing allows these bearings to handle higher speeds than standard oil-embedded mounted sleeve bearings.

As a result, sintered bronze is frequently used to make bearings and wear plates. Powdered metal provides increased strength as well as flexibility. Furthermore, these metals provide a low-cost manufacturing process that includes oil impregnation or permanent lubrication. SINTERED BRONZE SAE 841

Oil-impregnated bronze bearings Sintered, self-lubricating sliding bearings. Impregnated with oil, Cylindrical bearings, flange bearingsMaterial: SINT-A51, Leg630, SS 148321, Oil-impregnated bronze: Cu 89.5%, Sn 9.3%, C 1.2%. Oil content: 29% Principles of bushing & bearing selection. Custom self-lubricating bronze bearings and parts.

  • oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearing​
  • steel-backed sintered bronze bearings​
  • sintered bronze bushings​
  • bronze sintered friction plate​
  • bronze sleeve bearings​

The specifications of the sintered bushing are as follows. High Speed and No Maintenance Sintered bronze bearings are self-lubricating and require little maintenance. Sintered bronze bearings are frequently filled with oil and are constructed of porous bronze or iron.

These bearings reduce wear and machinery noise by sandwiching a flexible layer of neoprene between an oil-embedded bronze bearing and a rigid steel shell. Mounted Sleeve Bearings with High-Speed Oil-Embedded These bearings can handle higher speeds than standard oil-embedded mounted sleeve bearings because of their strong steel housing.

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