The thrust bushings are made of an aluminum casing surrounding an interior hollow cylinder made of our Porous Media TechnologyTM. We also included a thrust face constructed of porous carbon to avoid linear motion. Numerous rotary applications, such as turbochargers in high-performance cars, use these bushings.

Heavy loads that frequently start and stop along shafts are handled by oil-embedded thrust bearings; these bearings have additional iron and slick PTFE lubricant. Being thrust bearings, they support loads that are perpendicular to the shaft. Oil-Embedded Thrust Bearings for the Food Industry The oil in these bearings is safe for accidental contact with food.

Thrust Bushing is a self-lubricating bearing made of high-quality copper alloy with graphite or PTFE as an inserted solid lubricant plug. PTFE, graphite, or another type of solid lubricant plug embedded. A very thin but extremely sturdy lubricating film is automatically applied to the entire moving surface while the machine is in operation.

Bushings, thrust washers, and strips This article gives an overview of the many bushing, thrust washers, and strip kinds, along with information on their designs, names, qualities, and primary uses. It also includes references to the relevant product sections with detailed information and to product tables Thrust bushings material is made with high-strength copper alloy, and the inserted solid lubricant materials are made with Brass/Graphite.

Bronze thrust washers bushings

While straight (cylindrical) bushings may only support radial loads and flanged bushings can support radial and axial loads in one direction, bushings are suited for rotating, oscillating, and linear movements.

Control arm bushings and thrust rod bushings are not the same. At the base of the front suspension are two suspension arms (one is the control arm, and the other is the thrust strut). If the bushings wear out, they may leak, cause the steering wheel to jerk when the brake is used, or both.

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A thrust washer is a flat bearing that accommodates axial forces in rotating machines in order to keep the mechanism aligned along the main shaft. They can be found in multitudes of appliances including power tools and any devices that have to move, rotating parts. Their main purpose is to provide a surface on which the thrust bearing is hosted.

Composite Bushings

Metallic Bushings

Plastic Bushings

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